The Jeroen Leenders Experience is a stand- up comedy- concept since 2014. In this unique project Jeroen puts himself in a tight spot every month by climbing on stage with nothing more than a few swift scribbels on a piece of paper. In this notes there are no jokes. Only thoughts. This way he can practice himself in making relevant and inclusive, yet sharp content. By talking and thinking together with the audiance, he will find out in what way these thoughts are funny and why. Failing is inherent. It hurts when it happens. To him it is the only way to create and witness something authentic. Something not prepared. Not schemed. Something reel. What started in a small cafe in Antwerp, Belgium, grew into a show you can visit in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Antwerp every 2 weeks. Now he brings this unique concept to the English- speaking realm as the "Jeroen Leenders Sessions". Check the playlist for venues near you. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned.

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